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Deirdre Coleman has written articles on a wide range of topics, from animal phobias and saving New Zealand's indigenous species, to all aspects of wedding planning, architecture and sustainable design, the creative industries, and travel to far-flung locations such as Italy, Egypt, Hawaii, the Czech Republic and Australia.

Here's a sampling of her published magazine work. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image and description.

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Business leadership feature Intellectual Property feature Snow Planet director profile
Holiday home design feature Beach house design feature Colour trends feature
Avoiding family wedding feuds Bridal fabric feature Couples communication feature
Bridal nail-care feature Honeymoon advice and tips feature Western Australia travel feature
Moving abroad with pets feature Pets and children feature Choosing the right vet feature
Pet obesity feature NZ native eels feature Animal phobia feature
Pyrolitic oven advertorial Smeg dishwasher advertorial backyard make-over advertorial

Business leadership feature

Business leadership feature

Published in ie (Inspiring Entrepreneurs) magazine. Nov 2005. What defines a great leader? Are they born or made? Do you have the potential to become one yourself? Deirdre Coleman looks for answers to these and other leadership questions....

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Copyright 2010 © Deirdre Coleman - Lexicon
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